Lylia YAHI was born in 1958 at Souk-Ahras, Algeria. Her family settled in the east of France in the sixties. Her Father, a man of letters, passes on to her the love of poetry, literature, dramatic arts and painting.

From the very start of her teaching career, she keenly attaches to following courses in drawing, painting and art history. Her passion for painting strengthens and goes together with her need for mastering new sources of knowledge. From the childhood, she has retained fond memories of the time when her father had made her sensitive to orientalists and to those European painters that travelled across North Africa. Such warm and vivid colours, sweet fragrances and melodic music have left their mark on her family environment.

Lylia now renders them on canvas. She says: "I feel inside an urgent need to apprehend what my past really was, I know that is short-lived and fragile. My work has a dimension on exceeding the limits of my own conscience. " Lylia loves to discover, share, and progress into the knowledge of different cultures. Her pictures tell about herself, about her ancestors, her family cultural history and about century-old immigration and integration. Through her paintings she tells us of the different lives we carry in ourselves. Her painting revives unknown feeling that words fail to describe.

In her studio in the southwest of France, she manages to transcend matter, colour and forms. She keeps close to the essential while forsaking what’s superficial, even useless. With an interplay of light and abstraction, Lylia secretly leads us into her world where, as in "art brut" (raw art), both singular and primitive, we may discover the universal man.

On her canvasses, she brushes lightly into the wordless, indescribable matter. Her paintings appeal to us, they ask us uselessly what sense we are giving to our lives, and what place we are leaving to others.

Her creative techniques are multiple. Lylia explores matter, gestures and shapes. She uses material and different kinds of media.